Author Topic: Gross price plus delivery link throw a 404 page, how must be setup?  (Read 2124 times)


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I am using

Distro Name: CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)
PHP Version 7.4.24
Joomla! 3.10.2
Virtuemart 3.8.8 10472
Template Protostar (for the moment, I am learning and setting-up , testing etcetera)

I did search quite much about, but could not find a page whit useful info.

In the product page, as you see in the image, there is the line telling "gross price plus delivery"

If I do click on the link "delivery", a 404 page having as an address "" is thrown

I did setup the shipping method, filled all fields I found in the configuration panel and in the shop, (at least I think I did, not sure if I miss any, seems not to me), as I added a language to the shop, I took also care to
check that in the product, categories, manufacturers, shipping method and all other panels where available it is present the translation for the second language...

However, I can not figure out where and how I can edit the page reporting the the "delivery-information"

Where do I have to set this?
How to have the correct language shown?

Thank you


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Re: Gross price plus delivery link throw a 404 page, how must be setup?
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2021, 15:20:35 PM »
Talk to the provider of the DHL shipping plugin, this is not stock virtuemart plugin.

Joomla 3.9.18
Virtuemart 3.4.x
Olympiantheme Hera (customized)
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Re: Gross price plus delivery link throw a 404 page, how must be setup?
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2021, 19:21:14 PM »

Thank you for the tip

In this case I have no third party extension involved for what is concerning shipping methods.

Maybe you are referring to the first line in the picture I posted, which by the way is also a built in feature in Virtuemart, can be found in the shipping method configuration panel, Shop > Shipping Methods, then click your shipping method and go into the configuration tab, as shown in the pictures

Also the feature I was looking for is a native one of Virtuemart, as shown in the pictures.

It can be found in Configuration > Price Configuration > Show delivery message with product price.
Once enabled allows to use a variable to setup a language override showing a tip or a link or whatever else one can achieve by the use of html code.

As in the Joomla! language override system it is possible to input html code is also possible to associate a link to this "delivery information" feature, thus, using html code, add a link to a menu pointing to an article you create for this purpose, e.g. <a href="">Delivery information</a>

As a beginner I can share here a few initial impressions about Virtuemart

In Virtuemart there are a lot of built-in features, this is good and of great value, and hopefully there will be more, none the less for a beginner figure out all what has to be done and what optionally can be done can be quite a daunting quest at first glance.

Also, the logics and the variety of methods used to create the various admin and configuration panels are a bit mixed up, to a beginner all of this can look alike a difficult maze.

E.g., as the feature I was trying to setup is concerning  shipping methods I was baffled to not find a way to manage it in the section of the admin panel that manages the shipping methods, while in fact in the shipping methods configuration panel there is a similar feature (which is logic) I finally found it among the prices' management admin panel which is just vaguely logic, the only tie to prices for that feature is that appear in a area where some information about prices is shown....

Searching for "delivery-information" or "delivery information" in the forum did not retrieve useful results, searching in internet those same keywords + Virtuemart + and/or other keywords that should help to find some info on that feature did not give useful results as well, searching in the online documentation finally I could find the proper paragraph describing the feature:

"Show delivery message with product price
Some stores wish to show a generic delivery message - this option shows the language variable COM_VM_PRICES_INFO_DELIVERY below the product price. You can adjust this variable in Joomla! to directly link to your page with delivery information."

A tip for the beginners, when I installed Virtuemart I also activated the new admin panel template, which looks fine and seems to work fine, but do not show pop-up tips when hovering with the mouse cursor on many of the various titles of the features in the panels.

Until you do not know very well all the features in Virtuemart I suggest to not activate the new admin panel template, you might miss to see things that are under your eyes in plain sight.

Overall my initial impression about Virtuemart is very good, however in my honest opinion I can say that is also a bit messy, somehow hard to grasp for who see it the first time  and do not have a great knowledge of Joomla! too.

In case suggestions are welcome, I would enhance the usability harmonizing the methods to configure Virtuemart and would add some more essential lines in the documentation.

E.g. in general to add a link or a text line there are text fields available for many features and features' options, for the feature I was looking for there is no text field to add string or a link, one can do it only going into Joomla's language override and set it there.
While searching for that feature the most of the time I lost was due to the fact that I was seeking 1) something among the shipping options 2) some text field to be filled to have a custom string shown, I could not imagine that a shipping method feature could be found in the pricing section and that there is no text field but just a pop-up tip, which appears only in the old admin panel, telling that one must use a variable in the Joomla! language override system

E.g. The feature is briefly explained with a pop-up tip, and is also described in the documentation, but for a beginner, not expert of Joomla!, is not so clear that a link can be set using html code in the Joomla! language override system, so in the documentation (and maybe even in the pop-up tip) just adding the simple hint that html code can be used into Joomla! override system make it immediately clear and easy for everybody, total newbies included.

E.g. for many text fields/titles it is possible to set a new language variable to be used in the Joomla! language override system, but not all of them, so if reasonably it is not possible to have it all using this method would be of great help to mark those that can use variables and/or those which cannot, in this way, not only newbies but everyone would spare much time while figuring out how to solve simple problems with via the use of this possibility

Hoping that all of this can be helpful for other newbies alike me and looking forward a bright future for Virtuemart
Thank you :)


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Re: Gross price plus delivery link throw a 404 page, how must be setup?
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2021, 17:19:23 PM »
To be clear, there is no DHL shipping plugin supplied with a default VirtueMart installation. It has to be added as a third-party plugin, which you obviously have done, or it was already added to your installation package.

The show delivery message setup is still work-in-progress, as is the development of the admin interface. Dev time is currently taken up with changes dictated by Joomla 4.

I recommend people who wish to use any Joomla extension to first fully study & learn how Joomla works and of its many quirks. Makes it a bit easier when working with any extension to the basic program.

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Re: Gross price plus delivery link throw a 404 page, how must be setup?
« Reply #4 on: October 18, 2021, 15:58:31 PM »

Thank you for the info

No, I did not install extensions for shipping methods, nor a DHL extension thing was included in the installation packages, in fact I installed the official Joomla package, the official Virtuemart package and installed few other extensions which have nothing to do with shipments.

I just created an ordinary classic Virtuemart shipping method that I named DHL.

That first line in the first pictures I posted, which reports a price for DHL, comes from the standard Virtuemart feature, which shows an information about the shipping method in the product page, it is found in the configuration tab of a shipping method.

In a couple of the other pictures that I posted you can see where this feature can be enabled or disabled in the configuration page of a standard Virtuemart shipping method.

Btw, I now created a second test shipment method, called it UPS, enabled that same "Show on product details page", then checked the product page to see what happens, when many shipment methods do have this feature enabled and are available for a product are all displayed on top of the price.

TIP: if you have multiple languages, in Virtuemart when you save something it comes to be saved in the back-end default language, if that page you saved can be switched to other languages to save translations, you get no warning or invite to save also the version for other languages, nor the default language text you just inserted is automatically used as a default fallback for the other languages.
The result is that in the front-end what you just did will appear right only in the back-end default language until you do not add the translations.
So, once you save something also remember to switch to the other languages you installed and add the translation, or, in case you want to do it later on, at least just switch to each other language and hit save so to have have your back-end default language shown as a fallback in the front-end until you will have time to change it.

However, both features are useful and working fine, it is all just about how, from a beginner point of view, can happen to get mad at trying to find how to have the "delivery information" feature properly working.


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Re: Gross price plus delivery link throw a 404 page, how must be setup?
« Reply #5 on: December 15, 2022, 19:10:56 PM »
I met the same problem.

1) You have to prepare article with delivery information.
2) Make a menu position with title "delivery-information". This menu position should lead to the single article which you created.