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Pricing with VAT for many countries


im trying to setup a vm store for EU market. i need to pay different VAT in every country.
i have setup the VAT taxes rules by country.. im using there "vat tax per product" and +% operation..

its working fine and add correct vat for every country.. BUT the issue is, it make the different final price for every country, and the prices are ugly.. for example 15,78

what i want to have is one final selling product price for example 20€.. and only in the cart (and invoice) it calculate correct VAT for every country..
i see there operator -% but when i use it, lower my selling price in the cart.

im sure there is a way how to setup this, but im not able to get it..
does anyone know how to get this behavior?

thanks a lot 


--- Quote --- i need to pay different VAT in every country.
--- End quote ---

moss plugin from rupotel

but really do you pay taxes in each country separately == do you have a branch in each country?
I think that when I have a company in one country, I still sell to other countries in the EU with my tax and outside the EU without tax.
But maybe I'm wrong and there's a new regulation.

--- Quote ---i have setup the VAT taxes rules by country..
--- End quote ---

A lot of time == if you pay for the time spent, you could save and buy a straight moss plugin for the money saved.
I also didn't know what moss meant until our accountant explained it to me.

sry but it seems you dont know nothing about eu taxes..
that moss plugin is for something different.
im talking about tax calculation rules in vm. it dont offer setup the workflow to calculate tax from the sale price..

I must be thick, but I have not seen any webshop that gives me the same price including vat for every possible country.
The normal procedure I have observed is showing the price excluding vat and vat will be added according to your country.

Have I missed something ?

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especially as it varies from 27% in Hungary to 17% in Lux .. will play hell with your profit margins


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