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Add extra non taxable cost to products
« on: July 21, 2021, 18:10:31 pm »
I wonder, can virtuemart achieve this?

We are selling liquid products in bottles.
Products are in two categories: one with 13% VAT and one with 25% VAT
Each bottle have extra 0,5 Kn of non taxable bottle returning fee.
So if product with 45kn final sales price belongs to category with 25% VAT, shop should display this:

1. Price in product list: 45 kn - sale price: basic price + tax + bottle returning fee

2. Price in product details: 45 kn - sale price: basic price + tax + bottle returning fee

3. Prices in cart for article:
- Basic price: 35,6 kn - price without tax and bottle returning fee
- VAT tax: 8,9  kn
- Price with tax: 44,5 kn
- Returning fee: 0,5 kn
- Total: 45 kn

Basically, non taxable fee of 0,5 kn should be multiplied by quantity and NOT taxed

I tried to use Tax and Calculation rules and closest to my need was Price modifier after tax per bill.
Problems: it doesn't show in product list and details, it is "per bill" and I would need it per quantity.

I tried to use custom fields which is auto applied to each product.
Problems: value added via custom field is always shown with tax.

Any suggestions how to solve this?
I searched for plugins this task but without luck..

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Re: Add extra non taxable cost to products
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2021, 21:04:54 pm »
I guess you would have to add a product returning fee, There are extensions that can handle bundles of products. It is the best to my knowledge.

There are probably more examples. But this is a start.

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Re: Add extra non taxable cost to products
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2021, 01:52:25 am »
Hi Jörgen

Thanks for the suggestion,
but I alread have that extension as I had purchased bundle from Breakdesigns
Unfortunately it's not suitable for my purpose.
It requires too much extra steps because for each product I would need to create custom field and create pair with it and product which is named "Bottle returning fee". It also doesn't look nice because it emphasizes "Return fee" as additional product.

For this purpose Tax Calculation Rule "Price Modifier After Tax" is almost suitable:
I created it, and named as "Bottle returning fee", Math operator: +, Value: 0.5
and if I apply it to final price, it changes 44.5 price into 45 as it should be.

- it also changes VAT tax from 8.9 into 9 which is not good for this purpose
- it adds column named DISCOUNT, but that could be mitigated by renaming language phrase.

My next goal is to find a way how to make that VatTax doesn't include DATax
which means heavy digging through calculator functions  :-\