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VAT for e-commerce changes in EU effective 1 July 2021

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very interesting component/plugin,

as I see, it also uses the geolocator - so do you have the same problem with loading data for die ip database?

and another question for the calculation of the prices:
is it possible to calculate back? what I mean is to set the gross-price for a product (incl. VAT) and calculate the VAT and the net-price from gross-price.
This would be useful to have the same consumer price in 2 countries with with differenz VAT-Rates

send question to rupostel, is not my app

you may use my programm here

We both share almost the same geolocator. I dont know his changes, but I proved that the maxmind database works, if you register there. It is still free.

The bundle has
- the geolocator
- the euvat id checker for companies
- the Moss component, which creates the EU rules for you. I just overhaul it. I added also all reduced taxes interesting for ecommerce ( so not the ones for real estate).

Pure Moss ist just 12 euro.

Hi Milbo,

I checked your product page and could not find information about one issue:

You (german citizen) stay in Austria or Italy or <choose country inside or outside EU> and set an order with billing address in Germany and [edit] maybe [/edit] delivery address in Germany [edit] or any other country[/edit].

Which tax will be applied?

Thank you!



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