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VAT for e-commerce changes in EU effective 1 July 2021

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none of these extensions solve the issue in the post.. i got the same issue.. we need backward calculation so the final price is same for all countries and the VM just break down the VAT in the cart and invoices.

--- Quote from: Milbo on July 12, 2021, 18:11:17 pm ---nk
you may use my programm here

We both share almost the same geolocator. I dont know his changes, but I proved that the maxmind database works, if you register there. It is still free.

The bundle has
- the geolocator
- the euvat id checker for companies
- the Moss component, which creates the EU rules for you. I just overhaul it. I added also all reduced taxes interesting for ecommerce ( so not the ones for real estate).

Pure Moss ist just 12 euro.

--- End quote ---

Studio 42:
jankoo, you do not need to apply the right tax per country.
You do not know before end of the year if you have sold 10.000 EURO per year
You have to declare your products excluded VAT and you pay tax per countries calculated from this no Vat total.

yes, i have to apply the right tax per country.. thats the basic of the taxes by country in eu..
i know because i already sold 10000€ last year and this year.. im already paying vat tax in every country in eu..
i can not declare my product excluded vat.. its quite opposite. all prices must be tax included for customers..
im not sure if you dont understand this at all or just trying to sell something..
i need one - the same sale price for all countries, tax included.. and need just to calculate how much from the price is base price, and how much is the tax in that country after user choose his country in the cart. 
but all this is epic pain with vm. i already bought plugins but none of them do the job..

Studio 42:
I wrote a plugin for 2 customers and the accountants wanted the price excluded tax so they declare the tax from price without tax to each country in EU
If it's wrong, then the 2 accountants are stupid ?


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