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Creating orders without invoices
« on: February 05, 2021, 05:28:58 am »
How to buy the best vacuums for stairs? A buying guide to purchase the most suitable product for your needs

Aside from pet hair, stairs are probably the second biggest challenge that vacuum manufacturers have to deal with. In almost any house, steps are high-traffic areas that get dirty quickly, and this cleaning task can be more intimidating if you have steep and wide stairs.

So what are the Best Vacuum Cleaner for stairs? We’ll help you find a suitable model for your needs by sharing tips and advice so you know how to look for one. These are key factors that you should take into account before making a purchase decision.

1. Vacuum type

There are many stairs in my brother’s house, so he opts for a cordless vacuum cleaner as a cord-free machine is convenient to carry up and down the stairs, making light the task of vacuuming. While this choice is rational, suction power is another essential feature to look at. Regardless of what type of vacuum you’re choosing, and no matter how light or heavy it is, it would become rather useless if it’s not strong enough to pick up dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair.

2. Battery life or power source

If you’re going to choose the best vacuum cleaner brands, make sure that they have long battery life. You wouldn’t want to purchase handhelds that can run for only 5 minutes, so a cordless stick vacuum with at least a 30-minute run time is the best choice for your needs. The overall performance of your machines also depends on the type of battery it has. That said, those devices powered by lithium-ion batteries provide consistent runtime, so pay attention to this detail before buying.

If you’re buying a corded vacuum, check its power source carefully by looking at the wattage or voltage. The higher the power is, the stronger it would be.

3. Power cord

For those who are purchasing corded uprights or canisters, a long power cord is necessary. There are portable lift-away upright vacuums with a detachable canister, allowing you to lift the canister away, making the stairs vacuuming task much more manageable.

So we would recommend you to pick those models with a power cord of at least 25 feet long. Otherwise, you might end up struggling with cleaning the highest stairs of your house.

4. Weight and dimension

The weight and size of your vacuum play an important role. Since you’re going to carry it up and down the stairs, several times a week or even daily, a lightweight and portable design are necessary.

What is a good vacuum cleaner, if not the one that fits your cleaning habits and the size of your dwellings? So your machine’s dimension should be carefully considered as well. You won’t want to purchase a large machine if your stairs are small and vice versa.

Last but not least, homeowners need to take into account their storage area before clicking the purchase button. Those who live in apartments usually keep their vacuum in one corner of the closet. So if you're one of them, it’s wise to go with compact models only.

5. Attachments

The best vacuum cleaners for stairs should come with at least a standard set of attachments. For example, a crevice tool can help you get into the edges of your stairs, whereas an extended hose can save you from the dread of climbing up too many stairs. If you’re using a handheld vacuum, this long hose is extremely helpful as you won’t have to bend over too much.

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The bottom line,

The best vacuum cleaner brands usually produce machines with impressive power to tackle all kinds of dirt and debris. However, not all of them are made to vacuum stairs. That said, consider the type of your stairs carefully before deciding on the best-fitted kind of vacuum for your needs.


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Re: Creating orders without invoices
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