Author Topic: VirtueMart, Wordpress Intergration, and Synchronization Possibility of Takalot  (Read 662 times)

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Hi there,

We are considering in giving Virtue Mart a go in our E-Commerce Website Design Projects, but couldn't help wondering whether or not VirtueMart has expanded compatibility to WordPress already (in 2021), and regardless whether or not they have, how long would it take me (an average developer) to develop a plugin/add-on which would be able to sync a online store running Virtue Mart (whether it be WordPress or Joomla) with an Online Shopping platform like Takalot? (Specifically) Any advice would really be appreciated of course. And was actually also wondering how user friendly the VirtueMart Platform really is on a scale from 1 to 10 for the shop owners to be able to run there online store if one would perhaps compare it to Woo-Commerce, Shopify or Ecwid even? Thanks
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How long will it take me (the average developer) to develop a plugin / add-on that can synchronize an online store with Virtue Mart (either WordPress or Joomla) with an Online Shopping platform like Takalot? (Specifically)

Do you want someone to do a free analysis and estimation of labor.
I'm sorry, but unfortunately it's your job to supply connection parameters for developers, to understand what you need and prepare the correct assignment, I don't need to program the extension, I already have the connection for my systems completed.
If you can't do that, you'll have to hire someone.

Or you can use the application to import data into the Virtuemart e-shop:
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Hi I have the same question for mij website It is mostly mdae for blog content but i want a one page shop to sell some deals. Is there someone who can help me create this?

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The simplest solution which I have done on a number of sites that have an existing Wordpress install that they want to keep is install Joomla/VM in a subfolder and link everything together..

e.g. -> WP content
J/VM is any product page .. e.g.
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I think I should just upload my work so for, I fear it is outdated again.
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hi, moving virtuemart to wordpress might be a good move to keep the relevance (or rather, not lose it), as the number of wordpress sites is just overwhelming. I had to move on to woocommerce, and I hate it, but was stuck with my old shop and it's limited possibilities. We need to be able to communicate with lexoffice, billbee, shipstation etc to get our orders shipped, we have amazon at the finger tips and can do so much more. Just, the  woocommerce tool needs so many plugins just to do the basic things VM was able to do out of the box.

Merging these two together might be awesome. Hire a GUI Designer to overthink the backend design/structure, and have a pleasant front design by default, include data import from woo, charge maybe 50-100$ for a pro version, and you will see thousands of users switching from woo to VM...