Author Topic: Virtuemart Dead or Alive ? Whats the roadmap and future ?  (Read 15820 times)

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Re: Virtuemart Dead or Alive ? Whats the roadmap and future ?
« Reply #75 on: June 24, 2021, 10:48:26 am »
Well, here I am again after what could well be a decade and the sheer irony is that the same type of discussion is happening.  I can't remember what version the product was then, but I believe the dire do-or-die issue was the gargantuan refactoring of code to be properly compatible with Joomla and modern methods. 

I do want to say that I am grateful to those who have stuck with the project for all these years.  So glad that VM is still around and that it integrates with Joomla so well.  Also grateful that Joomlart (whom I have a subscription with) have a whole [Mod edit. Link removedtemplate section for those compatible with VirtueMart installs[/url].  23 VirtueMart templates for Joomla and the quickstart versions come loaded with VM + demo data! 

Having the template availability makes such a difference.  In the old days you'd be templating for Joomla (mystical knowledge in itself) and then having to sort out the remaining templating to make VM look the way you wanted it to.  I can still remember a friend of mine complaining about the difficulties of getting to the bottom of it all as he learned where to make changes.

Clearly there have been some amazing improvements over the years.  And what a joy it was to switch on the new admin template for VM as part of my current install.  It is a thing of streamlined beauty and really adds to the experience.


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