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Marketplace for Virtuemart question
« on: September 03, 2020, 16:03:46 pm »
Does anyone who uses the Marketplace for Virtuemart component know how to get custom fields to appear in the Seller orders? I have products with weights etc on custom fields and the seller needs to know what weight the customer has chosen.

Here is the code inside orderdata.php that shows the order info:

               $sub_total =0;
                $countitem = 0;
                foreach ($orders_item as $key => $items) {
                    <tr id="showItem_<?php echo $items->virtuemart_order_item_id; ?>" data-itemid="<?php echo $items->virtuemart_order_item_id; ?>">
                        <td align="nowrap center">
                        <input type="checkbox" class="indvidual_order" name="order_status_check" rel="<?php echo $items->virtuemart_order_item_id ; ?>" value=""></td>
                        <td align="center"><?php echo $items->product_quantity; ?></td>
                  <td align="center"><?php echo $items->order_item_name; ?></td>
                        <td align="center"><?php echo $items->order_item_sku; ?></td>

I tried adding the line:

<td align="center"><?php echo $items->product_attribute; ?></td>

But that just gives a series of numbers (see attached photo - under the second Product Name title).

Any help is appreciated.

Using Joomla! 3.9.20  VirtueMart 3.8.4