Author Topic: Virtuemart cart values visualisation in RsForm.  (Read 529 times)


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Virtuemart cart values visualisation in RsForm.
« on: July 22, 2020, 09:43:09 am »
I'd like to ask for help with the problem below. I'd like to show the names and values of the items which is in the shop in Rsform default value field. I've read a lot of article about it but none of them helped. Most of the answers was SQL based, but my cart's content is not from a database, so i can't use it.


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Re: Virtuemart cart values visualisation in RsForm.
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2020, 13:24:58 pm »
Most of the answers was SQL based, but my cart's content is not from a database, so i can't use it.

All VirtueMart products are stored in a mysqli database. But I wonder what kind of product display you want to achieve with RSForms that isn't possible with VirtueMart itself.
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Re: Virtuemart cart values visualisation in RsForm.
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2020, 16:28:30 pm »
my cart's content is not from a database

Ok, all joomla is from DB... Then what do you have in cart?
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Re: Virtuemart cart values visualisation in RsForm.
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2020, 23:45:36 pm »
the cart contents are in the php session  until confirmed .. is that what you mean?

you can get it by the std Joomla session functions or load the VM classes and get it by $cart

    "__vm": {
        "vmcart": "{\"cartProductsData\":[{\"virtuemart_product_id\":161,\"quantity\":1,\"customProductData\":{\"11\":[]}},{\"virtuemart_product_id\":162,\"quantity\":1,\"customProductData\":{\"11\":[]}},{\"virtuemart_product_id\":160,\"quantity\":1,\"customProductData\":{\"11\":[]}}],\"vendorId\":1,\"lastVisitedCategoryId\":0,\"virtuemart_shipmentmethod_id\":\"1\",\"virtuemart_paymentmethod_id\":\"3\",\"automaticSelectedShipment\":false,\"automaticSelectedPayment\":false,\"order_number\":null,\"BT\":{\"virtuemart_user_id\":\"624\",\"virtuemart_userinfo_id\":\"3\",\"address_type\":\"BT\",\"address_type_name\":\"\",\"company\":\"\",\"title\":\"\",\"last_name\":\"Shopper\",\"first_name\":\"Test\",\"middle_name\":\"\",\"phone_1\":\"\",\"phone_2\":\"\",\"fax\":\"\",\"address_1\":\"22 Harry Road\",\"address_2\":\"\",\"city\":\"Perth\",\"virtuemart_state_id\":\"76\",\"virtuemart_country_id\":\"13\",\"zip\":\"6000\",\"agreed\":\"0\",\"tos\":\"0\",\"customer_note\":\"\",\"created_on\":\"2019-01-01 13:32:13\",\"created_by\":\"0\",\"modified_on\":\"2019-01-07 16:39:08\",\"modified_by\":\"621\",\"locked_on\":\"0000-00-00 00:00:00\",\"locked_by\":\"0\",\"name\":\"testshopper\",\"email\":\"\",\"username\":\"testshopper\"},\"ST\":{\"virtuemart_user_id\":\"624\",\"virtuemart_userinfo_id\":\"12\",\"address_type\":\"ST\",\"address_type_name\":\"Address Nicknam\",\"company\":\"\",\"title\":null,\"last_name\":\"3131\",\"first_name\":\"1213\",\"middle_name\":\"\",\"phone_1\":\"\",\"phone_2\":\"\",\"fax\":\"\",\"address_1\":\"12121\",\"address_2\":\"\",\"city\":\"campsie\",\"virtuemart_state_id\":\"70\",\"virtuemart_country_id\":\"13\",\"zip\":\"2650\",\"agreed\":\"0\",\"tos\":\"0\",\"customer_note\":\"\",\"created_on\":\"2020-01-16 05:53:15\",\"created_by\":\"624\",\"modified_on\":\"2020-05-04 10:05:51\",\"modified_by\":\"624\",\"locked_on\":\"0000-00-00 00:00:00\",\"locked_by\":\"0\"},\"cartfields\":{\"customer_note\":\"\",\"tos\":\"0\"},\"couponCode\":\"\",\"_triesValidateCoupon\":[],\"order_language\":\"en-GB\",\"pricesCurrency\":\"9\",\"paymentCurrency\":\"9\",\"_guest\":0,\"_inCheckOut\":false,\"_inConfirm\":false,\"_redirected\":false,\"_dataValidated\":false,\"_confirmDone\":false,\"STsameAsBT\":0,\"selected_shipto\":\"12\",\"_fromCart\":false,\"layout\":\"default\",\"layoutPath\":\"\",\"virtuemart_cart_id\":\"3\",\"orderdoneHtml\":false,\"virtuemart_order_id\":false,\"byDefaultBT\":[],\"byDefaultST\":{\"address_type_name\":1},\"cartLoaded\":[true,true,true]}"
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