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Dear experts!
After installing new templates there are w3 validation errors:

Error: A script element with a src attribute must not have a type attribute whose value is anything other than the empty string, a JavaScript MIME type, or module.
From line 15, column 1; to line 15, column 114
sheet" />↩<script src="/components/com_jcomments/js/jcomments-v2.3.js?v=12" type="f9d1a7e303b73174bd6f28c0-text/javascript"></scri

From the sources:
<script src="/components/com_jcomments/js/jcomments-v2.3.js?v=12" type="f9d1a7e303b73174bd6f28c0-text/javascript"></script>↩
<script src="/components/com_jcomments/libraries/joomlatune/ajax.js?v=4" type="f9d1a7e303b73174bd6f28c0-text/javascript"></script>↩
<script src="/media/template/gzip.php?jquery.min-20e7dfcd.js" type="f9d1a7e303b73174bd6f28c0-text/javascript"></script>↩
<script src="/media/template/gzip.php?jquery-noconflict-84cc9279.js" type="f9d1a7e303b73174bd6f28c0-text/javascript"></script>↩
<script src="/media/template/gzip.php?jquery-migrate.min-f366b309.js" type="f9d1a7e303b73174bd6f28c0-text/javascript"></script>↩
<script src="/media/template/gzip.php?theme-e2d809b9.js" type="f9d1a7e303b73174bd6f28c0-text/javascript"></script>↩
The Joomla is the newest version 3.9.8! The template is paid proffesional template (Jp-school) developed by studio.

Is it correct to delete type="... " part?
And where is the location of the files to edit?

The webresource is:

Thanks ahead!


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Sounds like an issue for the Jp-school to handle :)

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If the template use HTML5, type attribute is not needed
But curious type f9d1a7e303b73174bd6f28c0-text/javascript ???
Try this validator


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Thank you gays for helping.
Do I correctly understanding: these errors do not have any influance for page ranking?

I try to validate by and ther is the only 1 trouble and 2 warnings. The Error:
Error: The itemprop attribute was specified, but the element is not a property of any item.
From line 214, column 1; to line 214, column 24
</h1>↩<h2 itemprop="headline">


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Joomla got the function isHtml5(), so it is setting the attribute only when necessary, but it's not implemented in VM yet.

Yes, <script> is enough for HTML5. Maybe someone got motivated to add the isHtml5 to VM and sends a patch?


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and have u tried removing the wrong "type" entries?
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