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add prefix for order ID - patch
« on: November 11, 2009, 00:02:13 am »

I ran into the same issue as a lot of people on this forum that I could not change the order_id to distinguish it from other stores or to make it look like I wanted.

Therefor, I wrote a patch that allows you to add a prefix to the order ID. It takes a max. of 5 characters like 'web_' or 'vmart'.

The prefix can be modified in the 'admin / configuration' section of the store administration. It stores the prefix for every order. If you change the prefix, it will not change the prefix of the existing orders.

Current version shows it on the admin orderlist, the order details on the frontend and in the email sent to the customer.

It can be downloaded from the download section on
Current version is 1.2 and is for VM 1.1.4 only.
It contains english and dutch language files.

Please send me any problems or feature requests.