Author Topic: People Who Bought This [Virtuemart extension]  (Read 968 times)


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People Who Bought This [Virtuemart extension]
« on: March 04, 2020, 14:58:21 pm »
Joomla: 3.9.15.
VirtueMart 3.6.10 10211
PHP version 7.3


Hopefully you'll be able to assist with the following: Related Products has started misbehaving (I can't tell since when, I've just noticed now. It used to work perfectly fine. I haven't installed or updated any extension recently so I'm at a loss on why this is happening). I've tried to look for solutions in the forum, etc.

Example page:
Related products (3 items in a row) is appears twice. The first row also displays a text "CUSTOM PROTOTYPE FOR RELATED PRODUCTS" which didn't before.

I've tried the same page in Protostart template and it only displays one row -however, the row on display in Protostar shows the message "CUSTOM PROTOTYPE FOR RELATED PRODUCTS" and the info icon which didn't show before I noticed this issue.

Any pointers will be much appreciated. Many thanks!

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Re: People Who Bought This [Virtuemart extension]
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2020, 19:32:32 pm »

the "i" is the tooltip ..  you could remove them from the customfield, hide them by css or remove them from the sublayout related,php

as you say -- they aren't there on Protostar so must be your template --
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