Author Topic: Invoice PDF is bigger than A4, how to fix?  (Read 205 times)


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Invoice PDF is bigger than A4, how to fix?
« on: February 12, 2020, 11:17:00 am »

we have noticed that the Virtuemart invoice PDF file is bigger than A4, that is is supposed to be. When printing the invoice, we always have to use scale to fit option and the page shows to be 97% of the original. If we do not. use this method the invoice will print a second blank page. This is ofcause a waste of paper.

How can we edit the invoice page size to make sure it is 100% and prints on only one paper?

Note the difference:
1) If we print download and click to open it with a browser, there is no problem
2) If we download and open it with a pdf-reader, the page is over 100% size and needs the scale to fit function to print only one page

How can I get the print to show the same on both methods, opening with browser and opening with pdf-reader?
How to fix the pdf-reader to be 100% and not more?

- Anne