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Cant read your language but it looks really good, congrats on the site!

Catproducts I have always felt was a very interesting plugin but I have hesitated to purchase as I was afraid of the ease of use as well as the date for last update is now more than three years ago and I'd rather spend my savings on active deelopments.
Is it well documented and easy to grasp and does it work out of the box with current VM?


--- Quote ---Cant read your language but it looks really good, congrats on the site!
--- End quote ---

Thanks :)

Im sorry, but extensions Catproduct I think is death for now.

Yes, we use on 2 eshop and the last update we created last month self for VirtueMart 3.4.5 (with plugin for article content) on PHP 7.3 (because client used on old eshop on VM2), but support not answered on my emails and on skype contact.
Yes, we created our custom template and upgrade and add little JS for URL with ChildID products, but I think for Joomla 4 this extensions will no longer work.


Thanks a lot for the reply.

I tried to email the author, but didn't get a reply this time either, would be sweet if he could hand over the project and potential income to another developer so it could be taken uptodate.
Also seems it is another dead extension featured on the Virtuemart Extension pages:-(


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