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Export products
« on: October 28, 2019, 09:39:17 am »

Im currently revamping our website with new template and clean installation of virtuemart. Our existing website been backup to another sub-domain.

Is there any way? We export our old virtuemart product to new website main website.

Every single product has 3 custom field:

Custom field 1. Package: A. 30Pax
                                    B. 50Pax

Custom field 2. District : A. Brunei Muara
                                    B. Tutong
                                    C. Kuala Belait
                                    D. Teburong

Custom field 3. Location: (For location we have 128 location to listed)

Custom field 4. Time: A. Zuhur
                                B. Maghrib
                                C. Other time

Considering typing it, for new ramification, we need to enter 207 entry for a single product.

Is there any fastest way, to import old product detail including ramification to our new website? or any alternative? such as the custom field will applied to any new product.