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Ventsi Genchev:
After many sleepless nights, I'm proud to introduce you to my new audio store: - Bulgarian language - English

The site works with all the latest versions of add-ons, including fancyBox.
Of course, we have many more products to transfer from the old site.

I cleared every bug I noticed.
So please if anyone notices a problem, let me know. Even if there is a 1 pixel shift.  :)

Studio 42:
It's so to say not possible to read the text on mobile.
I tested on my browser > mobile test, but compared to all my website, it"s very tiny.

Ventsi Genchev:

Once you switched to responsive mode, did the refresh page?
I have made the most effort to have mobile compatibility.

When you enter the site via a mobile device, there is no problem. But in a responsive mode (via desktop), a one-time refresh is needed to become aware.

Thanks for the review, Patrick.
By the way, your plugin works great.  :)

Studio 42:
Yes, It's much better after refresh.
But i think that the mobile version is not user friendly when you are in home. It's hard to find how to go to the shop.
Perhaps a simple link "enter the shop" near top of page on mobile ?

Ventsi Genchev:
Please explain why it is difficult to enter the store. I need to know to make adjustments if necessary.

Are not the three lines for menu well visible?
This is basically the standard for a menu in mobile mode. Similarly, it is in Google Play, dev.virtuemart and many other places.

Or inside the menu something is not right?

Thank you!


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