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Speed and Navigation in very large VM site

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VM is currently 3.4 but ideally we want an extension that is supported by the widest possible selection of versions for future-proofing.

We have a site with currently 1.8 million products, but due to the nature of our business this is set to grow - slowly but indefinitely.

Both site search and product filtering are incredibly slow (in the order of tens of seconds) and clearly this not acceptable for customers. I've done a lot of work on the front end and I'm getting reasonable pagespeed scores for specific metrics, but the backend / database is clearly the bottleneck.

We've had some good results implementing an ElasticSearch component to handle site search, but the results it returns can't be filtered.

I'm currently testing implementing varnish cache, and while it performs fantastically for cached pages, it doesn't help uncached ones and logged in users don't see cached pages. It's also a massive job (perhaps impossible?) to try to warm a cache of that size.

I can provide a more detailed specification if you're interested in the job.

Hi @behemoth,

Hope you are doing well.

I sent you PM. Please revert back to me for further discussion.

Hayden  :)

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We are ready to start.

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You can use our Geek ElasticSearch component, it supports VirtueMart and many other 3rd party extensions.

You can checkout demo for VirtueMart search and filters here


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