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I have a problem with one of my customer's website and there's some points i don't know how to solve.
Here's bellow the report with each problem (i sent it to my coder but he's in vacacion), if there's a serious member that can help me in private (i pay), just sent me your skype by PM.

======================================== FIRST PROBLEM ======================================
1) The image in the 'Add to cart' button is not appearing on traduced page since i installed a translation script.
I installed a translation script working with Microsoft Azure translation's API. The script is working well as you can see (by clicking on the flags on the footer of website).
The problem is that when you translate the website for example in english or any other language, and go on any product page, the image in the 'Add to cart' button is not appearing and instead a code is appearing (see the screen bellow).

Please solve this problem and if you cannot show image on traduced page, just add this code to the right place (of the image) to not appear on traduced pages :

======================================== SECOND PROBLEM ======================================
2) The 'Ask a question on this profuct' form is no more working, we don't receive e-mails from this form since because not working anymore.
Please have a look to solve problem - And please make a little design for this form (fonts, police, etc...) because it looks like very old.
Here's the message of the error appearing when you are sending an e-mail with this form : 'Cannot initiate the mail function' (i translated from french)

======================================== THIRD PROBLEM ========================================
3) When you traduced the website clicking on a flag in the footer, then you go on product page and click on 'Add to cart', the popup wich is appearing is not traduced, and redirect you on french version of website when going into cart.
Please solve this, to redirect the customer on the traduced cart (and popup) when he add a product in cart and not the french version if before he clicked on a flag.

======================================== FOURTH PROBLEM =======================================
4) On the cart PAGE there's a space above menu bar and bellow promo bar, that is not appearing on other pages, could you please remove it.
5) Add a space bellow flags on index page (in footer) to make the same space bellow those flags as there is on other page


I am an experienced developer and this sounds like something right up my alley of expertise.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

I would be glad to assist you. Please contact me on skype: cis.am2


I can help you in fixing the issue, Please contact me at skype kishore2607.



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