Author Topic: After searching in shop there is incorrect number of searching products  (Read 205 times)


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Hi all,

I noticed interesting bug in my eshop - After searching in shop there is problem with display of searching products - To example:

System found 25 products, and show 9 products per page, so there are 3 pages of search results. But on First page there are 9 products, on Second 9 products and on Third page is problem = It should display only 7 products (9+9+7=25) but it doesnt = I dont know why, but it changes amount of displaying products per page from 9 to 14 (only on last, third page) so it display now 2 pages of search results...
and point is that some products are "lost" in that mistakenly displaying product and you cant find them..

My question is: Where can be set default number of displaying product for searching in shop (or for using custom filter)?

Thank you very much