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Hi, I've been reading some forums but can't find what I need. Back in VM1.5 there was an option to silent register a user in Joomla during checkout. I need to restore that same functionality exactly how it was in this latest version (not guest register or guest checkout as explained in other threads).

I'm using Joomla 3.9.1 with VM3.4.2 as a membership site.

How it works for us: the customer purchases using virtuemart, the system should register that user in Joomla without extra fields in the checkout (hence why silent register is needed), the Joomla system then sends the customer a link to login with a temp password that they change after they log into the joomla membership site.

The logic in the checkout is to have the customer enter their billing/shipping information, we do not want to have the customer think about what username and/or what password they would like to use on the site at that time in their journey as it interrupts the flow of the transaction process at the point-of-sale.

How can I setup this silent registration as we need?

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Re: Silent Register a User VM3.4.2 - NOT guest register - NOT guest checkout
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hidden username and password fields randomly filled by php or JS script
in joomla check that user must change password on first login
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