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A Question for error
« on: October 31, 2018, 09:26:51 am »
Successful Sales Strategies-Avoid Ping Pong Alternatives

I hate being ripped off, worst of all I hate separating myself!

When I was about eight years old there was a sign in the shop window corner for the tennis ball. Suddenly overwhelmed with an urge to buy one, I hurried home and asked my mother if I could have money. To my surprise, she said, "Yes, OK, how much do you need?"

Flushed with a feeling of embarrassment that I still can not explain, I knocked the price down about 30%. I do not know why, maybe I just like good news delivery, maybe I did not think she'd give me a full amount-either way I got less than I really needed, for the whole process a bit nonsense.

When I got back to the store, the only thing I could afford was a ping pong ball, which I bought (so the trip was not a complete waste of time!)! Hid it from my mother because I felt stupid. If you want to find more information about ping pong table, please check out my blog.

I tell you this because it came rushing (embarrassingly) back to me last week when I heard a bargain, and the salesman gave me a thought - "how many growers are doing one? Something similar to the money of their company?" Prices really embarrass some people. When a salesperson has some flexibility with the margin to "get the business" sometimes their inner voice just wants to knock a little off, that amount of money probably is a little on the high side. anyway, the margin probably was built in a moment just like this.

Let me tell you a story; Ignored about ten years of tennis ball failures and I worked for a business that imported expensive aquariums, stylish and cutting-edge technologies around at that time. If you want one of these, you have really acquired your aquarium seriously - or can afford another to look after it for you. So one day this guy calls and asks if we have a certain pattern in stock, I have a call, check storeroom and call him back. Costs £ 1000. Do you want to pick it up in the afternoon? OK, see you later. "So, the guy turned up, introduced himself and he checked the aquarium.

He turned to the most senior salesman in the room and asked: "how much for cash?" Which he senior salesman replied "10%". So the customer pulled the 1,000lb cash out of his wallet, charged £ 100 from scratch and gave us £ 900.
Now that a business has no 10% discount rule, there is definitely flexibility, but nothing in touch on discount cash.

Have a look at it again; The customers have clearly come equipped to buy the aquarium; He called to check the price, traveled to pick it up and brought the full amount of cash. So why do salespeople feel the need to give him a discount? Perhaps he just liked to offer 'good' news, perhaps he did not think the customer would give him the full amount-either way he got less than he could actually have had, 10 % less-can you imagine increasing your sales by 10%? I will tell you something, that's a lot harder than your sales drop by 10%!

Since then, I have come to learn that the price of a product should always be the amount that it is worth to the customer, so ask yourself this; Are you ever ashamed when you tell people how much they will pay for your product or service? Why? If you are separating people out, then quite right, feel ashamed, realize while you can and find a product that you feel proud of.

But if it's worth it, if the price is fair, what's your problem? This is a question; Which shoes do you wear to work, were they the cheapest on the road? I bet they are not. Someone out there is selling shoes cheaper than you buy; So why are you buying them? Is it because you want them, love the colors, love the style, make you feel good about yourself, because they have been a really nice fit, are pleasant sellers? Do this now to write down the price of your service or product besides the price of the three competing prices. Then, underneath that less expensive price, write three reasons why your product or service is a better buy.

Similarly, for all those who are more expensive, find three things that both your product and they have in common. These are the reasons that make what you have to offer special and value for money, they should form a large part of your defense in the course of opposition to price. Simply put, few sentences should allow you to prove why your product or service costs as much as possible.

If someone is ready to give you the right amount, do not let your own insecure force you to make do with an alternative Ping Pong. The author and consultant, Chris Murray is the founder of Varda Kreuz Training based in Manchester, one of the UK's most respected training and development organizations.

With the experience that stretches through retail management, directorship sales, creating and running two successful businesses and working with companies that have included, LVMH, SOPEXA and Jim Beam brands for over twenty years, Chris has presented programs for sales teams and managers whose catalogs include everything from water to Champagne.


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Re: A Question for error
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