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Hi there,

I have specific products where one product have about 180 versions. The products have two features, the combination of which affects their price that I must use Multivariants. When I've added all combinations I see all in lists on front. But after click any of them this combination don't load - I have different title, price, SKU and many others for that. But after click any value on select list it's blank list position. After refresh page good product version is loading.

There is the link to product

Is there any limit of child products in one product on VM3?

Edited: I see in console

dynupdate.js?vmver=21985395:32 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).vm2front is not a function
    at Object.Virtuemart.updateContent (dynupdate.js?vmver=21985395:32)
    at HTMLSelectElement.Virtuemart.upd (dynupdate.js?vmver=21985395:108)
    at HTMLSelectElement.dispatch (jquery.min.js?033f71065d37bc544343a0774c142515:3)
    at HTMLSelectElement.r.handle (jquery.min.js?033f71065d37bc544343a0774c142515:3)

Studio 42:
You can use generic child variant and 2 or 3 levels of child.
In this case not all child are loaded in same time and is quicker to load as multivariant
You have to declare in main product the first generic variant option and in next level the over generic variant option ...

Is there any solution or tutorial how to do that?

Studio 42:
Do a test product and try is the best way to understand what i mean.
Eg for product tshirt having color "black" and "white" with size "S", "M", "L"
main product : tshirt
add generic child variant to display children
level 1 children
 tshirt black
 add generic child variant to display children
 level2 children
  tshirt black S
  tshirt black M
  tshirt black L

 tshirt white
 add generic child variant to display children
 level2 children
  tshirt white S
  tshirt white M
  tshirt white L

If you already have set all products, you can use VM Be pro to change directly the parent product ID to redo the tree.

Have a look at the Stockable Custom Fields as well.

It's a free plugin and easier to use than the multi-variants


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