Author Topic: Stock waiting list not shown when stock handling is not set to disableadd  (Read 503 times)


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Hello friends, my customer just decided that he wants to do "pre-order" orders and thus he changed his stock setting in VM from "disableadd" to allow even negative stock in VM.

after changing his stock setting, the list of users waiting for the stock of a product got dissappeared.

i believe the list as far as it's not empty should be always shown at the backend.

for this purpose i must had modified:

and i tricked the view with:

Code: [Select]
$stockhandle = $this->product->product_stockhandle ? $this->product->product_stockhandle : VmConfig::get ('stockhandle', 0);
$stockhandle = 'disableadd';

so it shows the list even when stockhandle is not disableadd.

let me know if this can be handled anyhow in future VM versions. i believe the display of users waiting at the backend should not really depend on current VM stock settings.

best regards, stan
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