Author Topic: Infinite recursion on VM3.4.2 (Virtuemart bug)  (Read 7940 times)


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Re: Infinite recursion on VM3.4.2 (Virtuemart bug)
« Reply #15 on: October 22, 2018, 00:03:10 AM »
Good work, Stan and studio42. the right fix from my point of view is in view.html.php of the category view

around line 678
Code: [Select]
$cat = VmModel::getModel('category')->getCategory($last_category_id, false, true);
if(empty($cat->virtuemart_category_id) or !$cat->published){
$last_category_id = 0;

I added already a check if the category exists, but forgot to check for published. Another idea to fix is to implement the 3rd parameter to the function getCategory, correctly.
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