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Easy change of products in stock
« on: October 01, 2018, 06:19:30 am »
Top 5 Games Like Fossil Fighters

Fossil Fighters by Nintendo is a cool single-player and multiple-player game. The story of this game tells about a little boy approaching a fictional Island named as Vivosaur, and this island has fossils of dinosaurs. These fossils are shaped as stones and they can be taken to the lab. In the lab, they use the touch screen, hammers, drill machines, and x-rays to clean fossils of dinosaurs. You must save these fossils and keep them to be smashed. Once you finish the task, you have the DNA and revive it into the Dinosaurs called Vivosaurs - a strong ancient creature. The game brings dinosaurs back and asks you to take part in an epic adventure!

Fossil Fighters

Besides the game, here we have another Top 5 Games like Fossil Fighters list. Let’s check it out!

1.SteamWorld Dig 2
The first game in this list is SteamWorld Dig 2. This game is an Action-Adventure, Side-scroll, and Platform game. The game focuses on mining element and you will play the role of Dorothy - the protagonist of the game. Dorothy is a steam-driven robot, appeared in the world as an ally. You use the pickaxe to create a path through the underground environment by mining the cubes. While mining, you maybe meet some enemy creatures and you have to fight them to earn points. You play the game from a side-scroll perspective, and run your way through these levels. With addictive gameplay, smooth controls, and key mechanics, SteamWorld Dig 2 is relly a quality game to play.

SteamWorld Dig 2

2.Pocket Mine 3
Pocket Mine 3 by Roofdog Games is the 2nd game in our Top 5 Games like Fossil Fighters. This is an Arcade and Single-player game for mobile devices. The game brings you a thrilling mining adventure where you have to find these treasures to score points while avoiding dangerous enemies. In this game, you need to tap blocks to dig and manipulate this environment to find artifacts. As the game process, you can craft gears, get unique cards, unlock rare treasure chests, and many more. There is dozens of cool locations and each with different artifacts. You also can customize your character and can even build your card deck to reach the depth. Pocket Mine 3 has many prominent features such as Customization, Trade with Friends, and Dozens of Places. Try it!

Pocket Mine 3

More Info​​​​​​​ :

3.Must a Mine
Must a Mine is an interesting Arcade, Idle Clicker and Single-player game developed by Defy Media for Android and iOS devices. The game put its players under an adventure to find out gold and treasure in the core of the Earth. As the game process, the players must click on the screen as fast as possible to dig and mine gold. The ultimate mission in this game is to collect gold and become the clicker tycoon. The players can hire or upgrade their workers with many different skills and try to match the right gears for combo bonuses. In a level, the players need to destroy the layers of the earth to receive diamonds, treasure chests, or artifacts. Must a Mine brings many great features such as Boosters, Unique Crafting Combinations, or Gather and Equip Artifacts.

Must a Mine

4.The Caves of Midas
As the 4th game in our list of games like Fossil Fighters, The Caves of Midas mixes these cool elements of Perma Death, Rogue-like, 2D, and 8-bit. It concentrates on an underground game world where the players control a tiny character through many levels, attempt to loot the resources and reach the end point of each level. During the game, the players will race against the clock in randomly floors while dodging the deadly traps. The players play from a Side-scroll view, dig these levels using different tools, and collect their resources to earn experience points. In addition, there are many trap traps that the players have to avoid. Once they collide with a trap they may face permadeath.

The Caves of Midas

Click to find out more:

5.Mega Miner
Mega Miner is the last and the most wonderful entrant in this list. It is designed with brilliant Digging and collecting elements. In this game, your key mission is to dig deep into the underground, mine for minerals and metals like iron, silver, or gold. When you have enough resources, take them to the surface and sell them for money. With money you can buy different upgrades for your Drilling machine. There are many great and cool upgrades for you. Mega Miner with its wonderful gameplay will definitely provide you with exciting moments.

Mega Miner

Final Verdict
We hope that our Top 5 games like Fossil Fighters list will satisfy you. However, if it is not enough for you, just visit to find out more information1

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Re: Easy change of products in stock
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You can also try
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