Author Topic: "&" Showing as "&#38" in Custom Page Titles  (Read 480 times)


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"&" Showing as "&#38" in Custom Page Titles
« on: September 06, 2018, 23:03:38 pm »
Joomla 3.8.12
Virtuemart 3.2.14

I'm having an issue with the Ampersand "&" showing as "&#38" when I include it in custom page titles. I did a bit of testing and figured out this is specific to Virtuemart, and not an issue with Joomla. The ampersand shows fine in Joomla page titles.

Oddly enough this appears to only be an issue in product categories (of any level). When I include the ampersand in a custom page title for a product itself, it shows up fine.
Edit: Also affects meta descriptions. Again, only for product categories, but not products.

For Product category titles that are also menu title, there's a workaround - You can enter your custom title as the browser display title in Joomla (along with your meta description). Note - you have to make sure the custom page title & meta description is blank in Virtuemart, otherwise it will show instead of the Joomla browser display title & meta description.

Hopefully it's possible to correct this issue. It would be nice to be able to do all your custom page titles in Virtuemart, and not have to remember that certain titles need entered as browser display titles in Joomla instead, for them to display properly.