Author Topic: HELP! Reordering products using administrator isn't working Virtuemart 3.2.14  (Read 569 times)


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This problem was in 3.2.12 for me, also, so it isn't a problem which appeared with the latest version.

Please help.
Reordering of products via the administrator isn't working for me. I can get the ordering numbers to save in the administrator when I change them, but the products in the website don't respect the change, when I view them. 

First off, can anyone tell me what table the ordering numbers are saved to? I can't seem to find it. Also, can anyone tell me if there are conflicting settings that might prevent the site from respecting the order setting?

Any clues would be appreciated.


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Have You tried klicking pn "Save ordering" in backend ?

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In VM Configuration/Product Order Settings set "Default product sort order " to Ordering.

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Thank you! The upgrade to 3.2.14, plus the changing of the settings, seems to fix this problem. I didn't even think of those settings!

My client told me it wasn't working, when he was using 3.2.12, and the first question in my mind was also, are you sure you're clicking the save ordering in the backend? But yes he was, and it was broken on my development system too.  Which means I did something wrong when I upgraded him to 3.2.12 .

Can you tell me which table the product order numbers are saved into, in the database? I was able to find the saved order number for the product categories, and I was never having a problem with the product categories anyway.  But I couldn't find the saved order number for a product.