Author Topic: "Do not Display Product, if child products also out of stock" not working  (Read 223 times)


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hello I have read a post with the same name that was not answered and it  is dated December 10, 2012, 04:08:18 .
I have virtuemart 3.2.12 and I have a parent product with some child products. When all child products for instance have stock 5 and booked ordered 5 the parent product should not be displayed, because I choose in the configuration, "Do not Display Product, if child products also out of stock" . This is not working. The parent product is still displayed.


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I have the same problem....
No matter what I select below the field "Stockhandling on product level" nothing happens.

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You can use if you use child variants, this can cheek for child stock and if you set parent not orderable, then the add to cart is disabled when no child stock.
If you watn a standard list and no advnaced view, you can choose the layout "list" in the plugin, to show standard select list