Author Topic: Paybox cancellation: backoffice satut "pending"  (Read 189 times)


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Paybox cancellation: backoffice satut "pending"
« on: June 28, 2018, 16:40:49 pm »
Hello to the team, and to Valerie if you're here!

A little worry with Paybox Virtuemart
When placing an order on the site, we arrive on the payment space CB PayBox, and if we want to cancel the order (for one reason or another) we click on the cancel button of the page Paybox and it is returned to the site's order page, and we can also remove products from the basket or we leave the site directly,
Until all is well.
By cons on the BackOffice
The canceled order is present but with the status "pending" and not "canceled"
and when we open this order, at the bottom of it in the "Payment Mode" section
we see written: Amount sent to Paybox: the sum of the order.
So we do not know if the customer abandoned his order, or if he had a problem with the payment system?
Is there any way that when the customer clicks "Canceled" on the PayBox page, the command will change to the "Canceled" status in the backOffice.

Another question: on the PAYBOX site
In the parametrable infos part:
Return URL OK:

Return URL error: (no page)

Return URL address dropping: (no page)

Return URL address: unknown
Are these URLs essential? should I create specific pages?

Thanking you in advance
Fran├žois PARTY
(Same message sent in french on the forum