Author Topic: Products with addons that are on sale are coming up with the wrong price  (Read 645 times)


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We have a specials page that acts as out Featured page.

To get items on this we add them as featured and also create a price override for them and also selecting the 'Overwrite price to be taxed' field.
The problem is, however, some of our items have optional extras that can be added like extra Warranties.
When the customer selects one of these it changes the base price of the item up but not the override price.
So I was wondering if there is a way to reduce the price of an item without hard overriding even the additional extras price, This while also being able to show the original price with a line through so the user knows what it is now and what it used to be.
see attached pics for examples


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Override price is a legacy from Vm 1.x and is not good at handling discount with custom fields. You should be using calculation rules based on hidden categories to make better discounts. Examples for this should be easy to find in the forums. You can also look at vm documentation for calculation eules.
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It's possble to apply a discount rule to a category and assign those special products to that category (as well as their normal category) to apply a discount.

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