Author Topic: RAWFORMS - can do anything now with Custom Fields  (Read 210 times)


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RAWFORMS - can do anything now with Custom Fields
« on: May 12, 2018, 14:11:05 pm »
Get RAWFORMS here:

Add your own anything to a product: select, checkbox, radio, switch, bullets, slides, text, hidden info, drop downs ... anything!

We can now write our own forms in PHP - I have it working so it attaches a shopper's student from a custom DB table to the product and adds options with price variations such as before and after care for Summer Camps. It only lists students in the drop down that fit the age requirements based on what categories the product is in (and presents a message if no students qualify) ... and only when selecting a student does the 'Add To Cart' button become active. When selecting options the price is adjusted using AJAX. Can set how the options display differently on the cart and on your orders.

It is so much easier to use than you would think at first - I have many working samples I can share with you! Let me know if you need help getting it working.

This replaced my need for BreezingForms VirtueMart Custom Fields plugins (VMBF) which stopped working after VM 2.6. Let me know if you are interested in the import script I developed which imports the #__facileforms_subrecords table data into the order item attributes #__virtuemart_order_items.product_attribute.

Thank You Milbo and VM and iStraxx for this plugin!! - websites developed and managed @ ourfingertips

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Re: RAWFORMS - can do anything now with Custom Fields
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2018, 17:58:01 pm »
Hi Robert_ITMan, i have really a simpler solution and you can write own model and extend any trigger(not only the display).
But of course, if you use already rawforms, it's better you continue to use it.