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Hi Petra Prochazkova,

We understand your point of concern and really appreciate your effort, all the active developers of VirtueMart community should join us and contribute their ideas and views on each other so that we all can make a better platform and provide great service to the VirtueMart community users worldwide.

Joomla GDPR Compliance

Joomla GDPR compliance is an extension with the help of which admin can configure the cookie’s group according to his business need simply can add the description of that cookie group and can list cookies under that group. At the front end, a user of a site can see the “cookie setting” also an option to allow cookie groups or not.

One of the most important features of this extension is that we have given a view where a user can ask the admin of the site to show the information that site has captured.


Admin can set cookies group and provide the user functionality to enable/disable cookies.
Admin can create an extension(s) specific query to provide the user functionality to retrieve their data
Front-end user can download their retrieved data

For more details please visit:

  It is requested to all members please have a look of this extension and give your valuable suggestions.