Author Topic: Child products layouting in product details and category page  (Read 376 times)


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I have a webshop which has products with different colors. I always worked with custom fields, but I want to work with child products now because I have to list every color in the category page. But I have trouble doing that. I also need to link the child products in the product details page so that every color there is visible and selectable.

Category page
I want to list every child product on the category page. But I can only retrieve the parent product but the child products are not viewable. How can I list every child product?

Product details page
On the product details page I want to list every child product it's main image below the main image, so that these colors are selectable and clickable and navigates to the right page just like the custom field for the generic child variant does it.

Anyone is more known with the child product and templating?

EDIT: Okay on the category page you can attach the child products to the actual category and than the page will display them as well. Now only the product details page need to be fixed.