Author Topic: How to [ add Badge ] with different text + different background image  (Read 414 times)


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Dear Sirs,

I have two websites all are multi language (EN/HK/CN) , so I guess [ Add badge ]  method are different too

1. website P : joomla 3.8.6 + virtuemart 3.2.14
2. website A : joomla 3.6.5 + virtuemart 3.0.14  (I have make many changes on core files that I cannot upgrade neither joomla nor virtuemart) 

How can I add custom badge with different language at product list with position: -

 - badge-top-left,
 - badge-top-right,
 - badge-bottom-left,
 - bottom-right

(for website P )  I have tried to add badge as custom fields (string / image) but all failure
 - custom fields for string,  I can type "Sales ! " at a particular product, but it cannot show in the product list, should it be any setting to show the custom field   
 - custom fields for image,  I do not clear where the image should be uploaded to ???

(for website A ) it is a production website which I have to get your help to teach me how to do before action.

Thanks for your kind attention.



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Re: How to [ add Badge ] with different text + different background image
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2018, 17:28:02 pm »
Cannot this badge displayed by standard fields conditions ?
Eg. Sku, stock .... ?
You can then easy check for values.
I see that you have already hacked core, so use a field as URL for eg or GTIN (EAN, ISBN), MPN, intnotes ... this is not a problem, if you ony use it for your badges and is very simpler to do, if you dont want pay someone or dont want to code it.