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Product notify email
« on: March 09, 2018, 17:00:01 pm »
After shopper had submitted their email to be notified upon new stock is checked in I noticed that the notify email is addressing the vendor and not the user/email address. So the shopper will receive an email notification with a line: " Hello Vendor-name,"
I checked on the code in the notify template: mail_html_notify.php and noticed that the name is actually set as: "vendor->vendor_store_name"
Code: [Select]
<strong><?php echo vmText::sprintf ('COM_VIRTUEMART_MAIL_SHOPPER_NAME'$this->vendor->vendor_store_name); ?></strong><br/>
I tried $this->user->name and $this->user but it does not produce anything.

Any idea how to produce correct shopper name or email for visitor when they are addressed in the notify email?