Author Topic: Problem with amount of additional thumbnail images displayed in product details  (Read 1097 times)


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I am trying to work out how to display 5 thumbnail images in a single row after the main product image on the product details page

I can display 5 additional thumbnail images but the 5th thumbnail creates a second row

I have been looking through the forums and VM config and cannot seem to work out how to change the default 4 x additional image thumbnails in a row to 5 thumbnails displayed in a row and wondered if there is a setting or code that I could modify to achieve it?

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Create an override copy of the file vm-ltr-site.css in your template's css folder. In the copy, search for .additional-images img in the file vm-ltr-site.css and reduce the width below that line until all your thumbnails fit into a single row.
On my site I also have override copies in the same template folder of vm-ltr-common.css and vm-ltr-reviews.css, but I don't remember if that was necessary for this adjustment.
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