Author Topic: Related products could be so much more powerful - Improvement suggestions  (Read 165 times)


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There are numerous posts about related products in the forums so i just wanted to put my oar in to suggest that maybe this part of VM could be due an improvement upgrade in a later version? It is such an important part of upselling i feel it should be given a priority for improving.

I would love to see any of these as options and I expect others can think of more

1. related product is out of stock - do/do not show it
2. Automate x amount of random related products from category (select category drop down)
3. Select more than one item after typing in the related item box

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You can find here a module with many options similar to your request.
It not only work for out of stock but:
-Product headlights only  No/Yes
-Set Categories to filter
-Show Products child? No Yes
-prices range with minimum, maximum
-Show Free No, Yes or Only
-Stock : mini and maxi Stock
-or Automatic  : Out of stock, low stock, high stock ...
It's not for related product but help to prefilter all the products to render in your shop.