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I have run into a strange issue.

When I enable "One Page Checkout", stripe.js produces an error "You have passed a blank string for 'source'", this error does not occur when One Page Checkout is not used.

It would appear that when "One Page Checkout" is enabled, the single page module changes the id's of the checkout form. So the stripe js cant find the right target and passes a blank string, which then causes Stripe to reject the transaction.

I don't know how to fix this.

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 know nothing about the Stripe plugin but I can never get the Authorise plug (I think its similar - collects card details and passes to the gateway) to work as a single site method and OPC without having a dummy VM std. payment enabled as well but hidden by css so the visitor never sees it

maybe this helps
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Hi powerstreamtv,

Which Stripe plugin are you using?

Mine is working with or without OPC, and also with other One Page Checkout extensions. Please let me know more so that I can help you!

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