Author Topic: Need to change settings for when the search bar (chzn-search) appears  (Read 866 times)


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I've been using the Stockable custom fields plugin since it came out, however, I'm now trying to decrease my number of plugins and go native as much as I can :).

But I have a problem when creating products using generic child variant.

When a parent product has more than 5 custom fields, a search field appear on the product page, please see attached screenshot. I don't need this feature on my product pages.

I'm wondering how I can increase the threshold for when this search field appear? I'd like to set it to 20 or so.

For now, I have hidden the whole .chzn-search class in css, however, I still want it to show in other places, such as when customer selects country.

Truly grateful for advice, I've searched but couldn't find anything :)


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