Author Topic: combining different products (parents + childs + custom fields multivariants)  (Read 58 times)


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Hi to all,

I have defined several products (parents with custom fields and childs with different prices, variants and multivariants) and want to find a way to combine them. The customer will choose them one by one and finally add them in a sigle click of add to cart button. First I tried to modify the product detail php page but didn't find the way to create more than one override template for this. Finaly I found so now I have two override templates for product details page and chose one of them for different product. Let's say I have some products named product-a, product-b, ... product-x and some parents products named product-1, product-2, ... product-no which have childs but also some custom fields with specific prices. The product childs could be named product-1_1, product-1_2, etc.

Im the product details page of product-x I want to have the possibility to add to this product, the products named product-1 or/and product-2 etc including the variants and multivariants they have, with some dropdown and/or radio selectors. For example if I choose from a drop-down list product named product-1 it will appear a second drop-list with the variants of product-1 and so on. The problem I have that I don't know the variables used in Virtuemart but also the way to call those variables. The structures will be made of if else cases but this a simplest part of it. Can you advice to a solution? Of course, if it is to complicated and there is any third party component which does this I will happy also. I searched for such solutions but didn't see if they could bundle all the variants and multivariants of the already defined.

If it is neccesary to say, Joomla 3.8.2 & Virtuemart 3.2.8. Of course, if any need to explain more that I have wrote I am happy to add more information. Thank you very much for any advice.