Author Topic: DIsplay different prices on product page  (Read 541 times)


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DIsplay different prices on product page
« on: December 01, 2017, 14:30:42 pm »
Hello, I am doing some tests to try to replicate the following :

I have 3 different shopper groups with different prices for each group. (group 1 (no discount), group 2 (-30%), group 3 (-50%))

On the product page, the price diaplayed and used is the one correponding to the shopper group of the corresponding user.
As I have a website using membership, I would like to always display the product price of group 3 (who have a maximum discount) just under the normal price as "advertising" and push customers to subscribe to a membership.

Is there a way to manage prices in such a way with Virtuemart? Is there an easy code to insert in my template to access group3 prices to display them in product page?

Thanks in advance for your help.