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Joomla Virtuemart FedEx Shipment
« on: November 06, 2017, 12:09:50 pm »
Joomla Virtuemart FedEx Shipment-

Joomla Virtuemart FedEx Shipment plugin provides FedEx Shipping method for shipping the product. The portfolio of shipping services has been assembled to address the unique needs of all customers. Whether shipping near or far, to clients or family, in a hurry or not, there is a service right for everyone.


ink directly to order management systems for quicker and more accurate shipments which process 24/7.
Automate entire shipping process of a website with a FedEx compatible 3rd party system.
Buyer will receive a tracking id by which they can track their order on track here option of the order page.
Admin can ship with more than one carrier from a single system or location.
Ability to locate best rates and track the location of shipments.
Admin can enable or disable FedEx Shipping method.
The allowed methods and weight units can be defined by Admin.
Admin can set packaging type and drop off type.
The FedEx shipping method name can be set from Admin end that will be shown from the front side.

Latest Features-

The functionality of storing labels at admin end is available.
Functionality to download labels at admin end is available.
An option of a separate or multiple packages in a single box.

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Please generate a ticket if you have any query related to product, we are happy to help you