Author Topic: vmAccess::manager and access permissions issue  (Read 599 times)


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vmAccess::manager and access permissions issue
« on: September 13, 2017, 06:52:30 am »
I am having a problem with vmAccess calls. I have extended the User controller and user view to get a certain functionality which is just a little different, and present it as a different view selection. I've run into a problem with not being able to present the same toolbar buttons as the user view, because there are statements like vmAccess::manager($view.'.edit')  in vmviewadmin.php, which ends up picking up my extended class name which is userlink, instead of just user. 

In vmviewadmin.php, on line 55, there is the statement $this->manager($view). This allows me to redefine the function in my class and check for my name and change it to 'user'. But all of the others do not do this, they call vmAccess::manager directly. 

Could you tell me, anyone, what is the correct way to enhance the access system? Or alternatively, is it possible to change the vmAccess::manager calls to be $this->manager which allows an extended class an opportunity to intervene?

I found the back door, in the database, where I can put the data for my userlink views which will then be consumed by vmAccess, but that can't be what I'm expected to do? Or is it?