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Joomla Virtuemart USPS Shipment
« on: August 03, 2017, 15:15:23 pm »
Joomla Virtuemart USPS Shipment

Joomla Virtuemart USPS Shipment allows you to integrate your Virtuemart store with the USPS shipping services. It is a most reliable and the trusted shipping services across the US. It provides various facility to your customers, one of them is the tracking deliveries using the tracking number provided.USPS methods are available for both domestic and international customers.


Admin can select USPS services to be available for the shopper from available services.
Admin can set service request type, API request only make for the services selected by admin
Admin can set various USPS fields such as Container, Size, Machinable etc.
Admin can select USPS operation mode, use as only Rate calculator or also generate labels and can also select option to request pickup
Admin can select order status on which Label and Pickup request is generated.
Admin can select order status to cancel pickup request.
Admin can apply various validations such as minimum/maximum weight, countries, minimum/maximum cart amount on which USPS shipment will be available.
Provide option to define services belongs to Domestic or International.
Provide option to set the condition based on zip code ranges and a number of products in the cart.

Need proper configuration of the plugin. For example: if the service type is set to All then if container set to flat rate box will give an error. similarly, there is a dependency of one field on other. For reference, please
Refer to USPS official site
Currently, USPS only provide pickup services for priority, express, international, retail, ground/parcel services for reference please refer API PDF of USPS
USPS strictly validate address for pickup request so TO and FROM address must be correct.
USPS does not provide sandbox API for pickup request, hence even in the sandbox, pickup request is live.
Please cancel the pickup request in case of sandbox mode, otherwise, your USPS account may be blocked by USPS.

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