Author Topic: Looking for f/l VirtueMart developer for some maintenance work on existing site  (Read 1764 times)


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*** UPDATE 16th May 2017 ***
We have now found someone to carry out the work we need.  I also had replies from a couple of people who we're also going to keep in touch with because we're positive we will have more to do soon on VM and we're interested in taking it further with them.

If my colleague, Roger or I have not emailed you in the next few days we decided not to follow up on your offer - good luck with your work.  :)



we are looking for an experienced VirtueMart developer to carry out some updating to an existing VM site and then perform on-going maintenance.

* This is work directly for _our company_ - not an agency or put-on to get your details.

* A few days work and then an hour or two monthly from then on for this particular site.

* All remote, independent contractor only.  We don't care if you're ugly or wear Speedos to write code (don't send pics anyway).

* We DO care about the quality of your work.  We're a technical company and develop our own software.  We know which is right, tabs or spaces, but know better than to state a preference.

* We prefer UK-based, we'll consider US-based second - we have offices in both countries.  We'll consider other regions in exceptional circumstances.  We'll expect you to write in English to a competent and accurate level.

* Payment would be in UK pounds or US dollars as appropriate.

* We *must* be able to verify who you are and that you're on the level - the internet is the Wild West, you understand, right?

This is one of our subsidiary websites, previously developed and active rather than the main domain.  We have others but right now only this one needs work done.

If you're interested please _email_ me via the forum - PLEASE don't try to phone me, I get what seems like 100s of calls a day for a variety of reasons and you'll get nowhere, sorry.

Please include in your email:

1. Links to *actual* websites YOU have worked on or maintained along with some evidence that you actually did it ;)

2. What rate you're looking for.  We're assuming hourly is most appropriate but we'll consider other options.

3. A contact email address and phone number.

NB: I don't hang out in these forums usually - I'll try to lurk - email is the best form of contact if you have questions.


Ian Barker.
R & D, Time Systems (UK) Ltd.


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Just to clarify a couple of points about my post...

* No I am not going to add random people to Skype, especially if you've not read my post asking you to demonstrate your ability with VirtueMart first.  I've had several replies from people and I don't have 48 hours in a day to chat to people on Skype or I'd be doing the VM work myself.

* If you've blocked people replying to you via the VM forum and ask me a question via PM then I can't reply (which makes me think you start your day with a large glass of vodka and howl at the moon).

* If you have genuine VM skills this work is EASY and I'm happy to give you the URL to check it out before you commit - but only if you've previously shown me that you're genuine and not a time waster.  I'm not asking for your life story, just some small pointers which demonstrate you're the real deal.  We're wanting you to do some work on a shopping cart and a live e-commerce site; I'm not going to let you near it unless I feel you have a shadow of a chance of being ok.

I'll reply, politely, to everyone - and forward the details of interesting folk who reply to my colleagues so we can choose someone.