Author Topic: shipment cost by different country doesnt work when user is logged in  (Read 771 times)


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Hi Guys....
I hope somebody can help me with this issue...

At first:
Version J 3.7.1, VM 3.2.2

Here is what I want to do:
If Country is choosed, then free shipment, is another country choosed, then 10 EURO shipment cost.
This works, when customer is not logged-in. In other words it works as ANONYMOUS shopper.

But If you logged in as are registered user, the it always shows "FRee shipment", for every country.

User Login: test
Password : 123456

Any ideas ?

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switch on the VM debug .. that's what it is for. It prints out all the factors of the method
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Assuming that you have a limited number of shoppergroups

Set a shipping method for all shoppergroups that is free shipment - leave the country selection blank

For the other country based shipping methods select the "unregistered" guest shoppergroup

Joomla 3.9.16
php 7.3