Author Topic: How to add new Price field in VirtueMart admin panel Product pricing  (Read 539 times)


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Hi guys,

Joomla 3.6.5 , VirtueMart 3.0.18

i was wondering if any developer can give me an idea? Any help would be really appreciated!

My client according to his needs want in the admin panel to add one more input box field that will have the Catalogue Price of a product. Please dont ask the why..
1.This field will be saved in the jos_virtuemart_product_prices table in a new column named catalog_price decimal(15,2)
2. This field will be independent from any calc-tax rule, ;) ,, the price that is inserted in this field in the back exaclty this will be inserted in the jos_virtuemart_product_prices table in the new column catalog_price
3. the aim is that This field will be shown in the front in the place of deleted price with tax

So far i have done the following,
1. done the new column catalog_price decimal(15,2) in the jos_virtuemart_product_prices table
2. done the new input box that holds the new catalogue price in the admin panel in the


and next step is that i want to save that price in the db ... where is the save class??function ?? i mconfused!! :-[ :-[ please some help guys!!

thank you in advance