Author Topic: Issue with RTL in Frontend shop - All content css not well appeared"destroyed"  (Read 932 times)


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I have an issue with RTL in the Frontend shop and all what related with, All content css not well appear like LTR
I have no problem with LTR , All the problems came when i make the language Arabic with any template
I also tried the virtuemart quick pack, but it seem to be an public issue with new version
all not compatible with RTL.

any help pls ?


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Have you created rtl css files in components/com_virtuemart/assets/css ?

Default VM installs have vm-ltr-common.css   vm-ltr-reviews.css   and  vm-ltr-site.css  but not the -rtl- equivalents.

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how to create these files?


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Hi amir.askari2005

Simply copy the "ltr"-files in ROOT/components/com_virtuemart/assets/css/, renaming them to their "rtl" equivalents ( vm-rtl-site.css, vm-rtl-reviews.css and/or vm-rtl-common.css ).

Then you should proceed in opening the freshly copied rtl files in order to
* change all mentions of "left" alignments to "right" alignments and vice versa
* change borders (mirror as well) - take care of borders that do not name the left and right padding/spacing/shadow/etc. explicitly but only by the sequence of the parameters.
* ...

This can be a little tiresome. So I attached my own vm-rtl-*.css files to this message, so you can start right away. :-)
[ Rename the *.css.txt files to get rid of the ".txt" in the end. - this was for upload purposes only. ]
They correspond to the latest VM 3.2.3 vm-ltr-*.css files and do a good job for me.

PS: A good addition for the rtl css might be a redefinition of the pagination arrow icons to correspond to their mirrored equivalents. - For my feeling the joomla core template should do somthing like this as well.

PPS: To permanently override the VM default template you should copy the VM css files to the template override folder at ROOT/templates/TEMPLATENAME/css/ and adjust it to your template's requirements.

@jenkinhill: Would you mind adding the attached rtl-files to the core?