Author Topic: Possible to put directly a simple multiplication rules to a base price ?  (Read 2101 times)


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Dear community,

i thought that it was possible and there must be a basic function  :-\
I have several products with a price per liter.
The packaging is in 20 l.
It is very important to encode the product with the base price per liter.
I would like the base price to be automatically multiplied by 20.
I try with a application rule but i showed directly as a discount.
I try to use a plugin variant price but I'm in confusion.

I think that it will be possible with a wonderfull component as virtuemart :)


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Re: Possible to put directly a simple multiplication rules to a base price ?
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2017, 17:54:06 pm »
You should use "Price modifier for Profit Markup" as Type of Arithmetic Operation.

Or if you don't wan't rules, go to product edit tab "Product Status" and add 20 for "Purchase Quantity Steps".

If you want to use your rules, a better way is to create hidden product categories for 20l, 5l, ... and add this additional category to your product. On your price settings select "generic rules" and inside the rules settings choose your hidden category. You can do the same for VAT.


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Sorry to reply later.
Thank you for your answer and the third proposal is the right one  :)
It works impeccably !
Thanks you.

This post is sloved ;)


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The new vm can also display Total prices now. It may help.
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